The Style Closet

The Style Closet – Uniquely for You

Would you like to engage the services of a personal stylist to help you build your personal style signature, maximize what is in your wardrobe and help you make purchases that are just perfect for you?

How about guiding you in selecting entire outfits that are stylish, chic and completely affordable without having to try countless outfits?

Would you love fabulous fashion and style ideas, honest advice as well as make-up, hair and accessory tips?

Welcome to The Style Closet – a unique personal shopper service by Crystal Edge Advantage

It will be like walking into your own dressing closet with and finding everything beautifully laid out, with guidance on how to wear it, accessorize and have the perfect make-up for it.



From as low as KES 500 per hour, shopping and dressing are set to be a fabulous experience for you. No more ‘I do not have something to wear!’ days to terrorize you.

Your Personal Style –  Honest Advice for all occasions wear

What suits you and how to wear it successfully.

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